Automated Thoughts - Helpful or Unhelpful?

No doubt you’ve heard the quote “Whatever you focus on, you get” and that seemed to be my week. However the focus wasn’t generating a sense of clear thinking or achievement. It was working in the opposite direction, if you know what I mean. As the hours ticked by, I could feel the anxiety build, perturbed that tasks weren’t being accomplished, things were taking too long, too many hurdles, frustrations and just not enough time in the day.

Along with this outward action of perceived events, I began to notice the internal dialogue that was getting louder as the week went on. Negativity and doubts in my head began to snowball and I started to pay attention to it “What on earth was I thinking? I’m never going to have time to invest in this business” “What’s the point? Who the heck do I think I am anyway?” and it continued to spiral down until it became deep personal attacks of self doubt counteracting the years of experience, my skill sets and all the evidence of results I have achieved with people’s lives impacted and empowered; the actual facts of my ability.

Saturday finally arrived and I had time to reflect with no time pressures to hurry up and get going, to be able to sit, relax and reflect and take stock of my week, recognising what I had actually been focused on and reigniting my fire for why I’m doing what I do and re-programming my thinking.

I find busyness does this to me. I become so task orientated that it then clutters my mind. Without having the time to download, reflect and gain a fresh perspective to align my focus on the positive, I feel like my brain becomes a giant mess of entangled cords that end up plugged into the wrong sockets.

The solution for me, that fixes this mess of cords, is to STOP and reprogram my brain and thought processes, focusing on what I do want, rather than what I don’t want. It’s a process of reprogramming our automated thoughts. Psychologists called it the law of autosuggestion.

Our thinking goes to the automated thoughts we have been unconsciously thinking for years, whether they be helpful and empowering or unhelpful and destructive. As soon as pressure is put upon us, unless we consciously chose to focus and realign our thinking, our subconscious jumps to autopilot and chooses the automatic file and hits play.

Napoleon Hill speaks of this automated process in his book Think and Grow Rich (funny enough the book was written back in 1937, though revised and updated, is still so relevant and applicable to our society today). He states, “It’s a well known fact that one comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to oneself, whether the statement be true or false.” Hill writes about vibrations within us, being made up of both destructive or constructive vibrations, stating they carry vibrations of fear, poverty, disease, failure, misery and vibrations of prosperity, health, success and happiness. He goes on to say “the human mind is constantly attracting vibrations that harmonise with that which dominates the mind.”

Hence why, if we want change and desire for a different life we need to be conscious of our internal dialogue, being intentional to track our automated thinking. The practice of quiet reflection and the declaration of personal affirmations (spoken out loud) is such a powerful morning ritual for anyone who wants to be intentional for their day, strengthening their automated thinking, aligning it with the outcomes so desired, and hence attracting those vibrations that harmonise with the mind.

This is just one of the many strategies I use when working with Young People in transforming their futures, through my business Intent by Design. Through the journey of self discovery, exploring career pathways and the vision for their life, therapeutic strategies are implemented to expose their automated thoughts and limiting beliefs, so that they are taught how to re-program their thinking and are empowered to achieve their lifelong dream goals, being the best version of themselves, and then in return influencing others to do the same.

Intent by Design assists YOUNG PEOPLE who are...

  • Struggling at school & are disengaging from learning

  • At risk of suspensions

  • Experiencing bullying problems & lack confidence

  • Displaying body image issues & identified health concerns

  • Needing direction with future career pathways

  • Stressed and lacking vitality

  • Unorganized and stuck in negative patterns

  • Requiring assistance around goal setting

  • Wanting to get their first job, require resume & skills to be successful

Message today to book a discovery session totally on me :-) James.ibd


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