First Job

My first job at 14 was as a Milko. For those who don’t know what this is, once upon a time milk was delivered to your front door by the Milkman or as the Aussies would say… Milko!

Whoah! I know right... and yes, I’m somewhat older :-D And besides the fact this seems like it was a lonnnnng time ago, it was also a typical job for the boys.

Well little Miss Sassy Independent and not to be told she couldn’t do something, and certainly wasn’t going to be told she couldn’t do it because she was a girl, challenged the local Milko “Give me a job and I’ll show you I can do it” And so I did.

Other kids came and went however, I stayed, and said yes to every shift. I didn’t care what time of the morning I had to get out of bed to do the run before school and I was there in a flash after school. I did have one small glitch however. Even though I was out to prove girls could run with a milk crate and jump onto the side of the milk van and hang on until the next street, I didn’t want any boys from school knowing. If I spotted any of them, I would jump behind the bushes until I thought they were out of sight. I’d finally get back to the truck, which by that time I’d missed a few houses and my boss was around the corner, wondering where the heck I was. I found myself lamely explaining that I didn’t want the boys to see me.

It was an awesome job and I loved it, continuing on right up until the end of Grade 12. By the end of the first year, I scored a second job over the weekends. This second job was due to the fruits of my labour. The fact that I was bold enough to ask for my first job, and I proved to be reliable, honest and hardworking (besides the hiding moments), along with cash handling skills and customer service, I was then able to attract my second job, which paid even more. Admittedly, it was rather boring as it was in a Manchester store. Though again, this was a great move as it opened up opportunity for employment at Sea World which was much more thrilling to a 15 year old than selling bed linens and towels.

The coolest thing for me, besides the employability skills I was gaining, I was earning my own money to do as I pleased! Such a great time in life having money to spend on clothes, music and anything else and absolutely no bills (as we didn’t even have mobile phones)!

Do you remember your first experiences in paid employment?

Are your Young People ready to enter the workforce?

Did you know that they can start work at the age of 11, if its a paper run or delivering pamphlets. If they're lucky enough to have the opportunity to work for the family business they can also do this at this age or even younger. However McDonalds and the likes don't hire until at least 14 and 9 months. Kmart and Target they require the young people to be at least 16 .

The process is also so different to when we were growing up. Gone are the days you can walk into a business and ask for a job. Now its all online and if the resume and application don't do a justifiable job in promoting the Young Person they aren't likely to make the short list, let alone get an interview.

Assisting your Young Person in applying for work is like teaching them to drive (unless you are a Super Parent with the Superhero skills of patience and 'shut your mouth' talents). I'd love to assist you and your family in helping your Young Person not only be successful in applying for a position, but to coach them in interviewing skills and being an incredible, invaluable employee.

DM and lets chat today!

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Here's also another help website for Youth Law in Australia. It has information on employment, workers rights, unfair dismissal, among other youth related topics worth checking out.

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