My Dad "Arnie"

I used to say… “I can’t imagine Life without Dad” and now, well, I don’t need to imagine it. As many can sympathise, I said goodbye to my Beautiful Dad “Arnie” on 6th October 2016.

The last couple of weeks of Dad’s life was in hospital. When he sadly realised he wasn't going back home to Helensvale and with his Birthday approaching, I asked him what would he like to do, that could be possible. And he said with a great big “Arnie” smile and that twinkle in his eye “A Family Dinner”.

These were always times of great joy, crazy laughter and the sharing of stories and sometimes ending with dad saying “Shut up you lot, you're giving me a headache” and then we'd continue to giggle while trying really hard to keep the noise down.

I'm sure Dad always brought joy into the world; hearing his stories and the crazy antics while he was growing up, and some of it possibly close to the edge of breaking the law or just being a menace. He always said though he changed the moment I was put into his arms. Every person he met when I was with him he would introduce me by saying “and this is my little girl. I still remember when she was this big, holding her in my arms for the first time.” As a teenager, I thought that was embarrassing but it only got worse the older I got. However I do get it now that I have adult children of my own.

As I reflected then and again today as we celebrate Father’s Day, Dad really had a colourful life, bringing joy and laughter wherever he went. He never appeared to be afraid to try new things and always placed providing for his family first. He sourced a variety of products over the years, selling the latest merchandise at the Victorian Markets and then over the years had other businesses.

At one stage of life, I remember him out in his shed making jewellery. I would sit up on the stool next to him and watch in awe at how clever my Daddy was, while probably driving him mad, asking thousands of questions "Whatcha doing Daddy? But why? How come?" Apparently Dad couldn’t get out of the house without his little shadow begging to come.

Years went by and being self employed, for various reasons, wasn’t a possibility. Finding full time work was a major challenge, so being the man he was, not too proud to think any job beneath him, and willing to do anything to provide for his family, he landed a job labouring and earth moving. Back in the 80’s when Hope Island was all swampland, Mike Gore came along with the vision of “Sanctuary Cove”. So this then became close to 20 years of Dad’s life, from clearing the swampland to seeing it transformed into a multi-million dollar resort where he worked as a security guard, right up until he was instructed, by his doctor, to retire. Even his time at Sanctuary Cove he brought a beautiful noise - he was known to talk his way out of situations and always had that jovial smile and words of encouragement to share with all.

Dad truly is my Super Hero, the tallest man in the world as my Brother John would say. I'm sure he had so many dreams that he just didn't have time to give them all a crack. In my teenage years, we'd dream of opening a restaurant together. We'd talk about it endlessly; right down to the nitty-gritty details. He taught me to dream and dare to believe. Dad always made me believe I could do anything and when I'd set out to do it he always made me feel that I was the best in the world.

Dad was such a loving, caring, kind man, so considerate of others needs, never complaining, even if it meant a sacrifice to himself.

The last 15 years he struggled through health issues, yet continued to smile and go out into the world bringing a joyful noise. He'd go over to Helensvale Westfield, to his "Office" to fulfill his mission in bring joy to the world.

My Dad, such an inspiration to me and I know so many. Dad would say to you today, as he would on his travels, “God Bless you” and he’d give you his “Arnie” smile.

Happy Father’s Day ;-)

Dad is one of my reasons that my business and passion exists

Intent by Design {The Youth EMPOWERMENT Effect}


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