Shattered Dreams to Purpose

For those of you who may have read my earlier blog "Trajectory of Hope & Success", you may notice that my dream actually began back in 2000. My world had been shattered and I had forgotten how to dream, let alone, believe in myself. So you may be wondering, what on earth did I do for those 20 years? Surprisingly, nothing is ever wasted! All the skills I picked up and the experiences I had along the way, went into my tool belt, adding value to who I am and what I offer the world.

Fast forward to 2015, there was a gap of time while being employed at a Welfare organisation (working with families and the unemployed) and then commencing at a Youth Crime Prevention Organisation, I fired up the dream again, creating a framework around the business Intent by Design; The Youth EMPOWERMENT Effect.

I'm often inspired by reading books from Entrepreneurs and others in business. In this case I was reading, for the second time, The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. This is a brilliant practical book, that for me, stimulates my creative thinking and inspires me to action. The second book I began to read on this journey, which is equally brilliant is The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau @193countries . This is the book that really fired me up and put some easy practical steps into place.

Here's how it began; starting with a blank piece of paper, (the bigger the better), coloured pens and then just 'brain dump'.


1. The first step is create clarity. Transfer the ideas floating around in your head to paper; just get them out and written down in any order.


2. Once that's exhausted, and you have covered everything, with nothing else floating around, good or bad, go back and create some sense and order to everything written. Asking yourself; is it practical, is it do-able, do I action it straight away, or do I park it for the time being.

Using 3 different coloured pens, cross off anything that’s not going to work for you in one colour, mark your actionable points in another and park other items you’re unsure about right now in another.


Now that you some clarity, you have two very important questions to ask yourself;

1. "What is my Purpose?" and

2. "Why is this, my Purpose?"

Explore the “why”; why do you want to do this, are you passionate about it, do the identified actionable points lead me closer to this sense of purpose, what will I gain, what will I lose, what would happen if I didn’t follow through.

This exercise in gaining clarity not only applies to starting a business, it can be used to tease out a career pathway or for any problem solving for that matter. As it creates clarity of the mind, it assists in sorting out all the jumbled mess spinning around in your brain. By transferring it to paper, you can visually make sense of the thoughts and options available to you, enabling a suitable action plan to be implemented.

So.... “What is your Purpose?” .... “Why is it?”

Are you doing what you dream of doing? If not why?

Intent by Design empowers change! We will get the wheels moving, get your creativity flowing and see you living your Purpose-filled Life.

Let’s have a chat to see how we best help you and support you on your way!

Call or Direct Message Deb today!

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