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THE EMPOWERMENT EFFECT is the ultimate way to motivate for enriched change; to be  happy and thriving, living a purpose-filled, intentional life; personally designed to suit you and your family.


Design THE EMPOWERMENT EFFECT; Either choose Intent by Design Programs, or Individually Specialized Sessions.  


Intent by Design can also address the following issues (however not limited to this):

  • Balanced living

  • Stress management

  • Develop self awareness

  • Achieve personal well-being

  • Career coaching;  empowering to employment

  • Build self esteem & confidence; unlocking potential

  • Shift negative, 'Stuck' mindsets, to positive 'Can Do' attitudes 

  • Accountable goal setting including achieving a Drivers License​



Intent by Design AMBASSADORS

Leadership training is available for Young People who have completed 6 months with Intent by Design.  This opportunity further develops transferable skill sets for employment while empowering the Young People to stand tall and model what they have  learnt among peers.

What EXACTLY is IT? 

Intent by Design journeys with you & your family, launching you from your current situation, into a fulfilled, purpose driven future, achieved through self exploration and discovery, while mapping out a pathway to success.


It facilitates change, exploring future possibilities and making a plan to get there. 

It’s about looking ahead, yet learning to appreciate the 'now'.  It's designed to stimulate growth, build on strengths and be solution-focused.


Intent by Design  challenges you & your family to become intentional, powerful observers of themselves and their situation, developing self awareness, balanced and motivated lifestyles, while dreaming and exploring desired future and making a pathway to achieve.

What does Intent by Design  aim to achieve?

  • Increase confidence

  • Stimulate self awareness

  • Enhance healthy choices

  • Inspire purpose focused decision making

  • Build resilience

  • Decrease anxieties 

  • Provide strategies against bullying

  • Increase motivation

  • Shift negative 'stuck' mindsets

  • Challenge personal responsibility

  • Highlight the value of balanced lifestyles

  • Develop social & emotional intelligence

  • Stimulate ownership in creating and designing their own future

  • Inspired career direction

  • Respect for self & others

  • Empathy to consider & serve others

  • Passion for their world

Mental Health Benefits

For over 10 years the Australian Bureau of Statistics have displayed almost 50% children under 15 years had a long-term health conditions, with it increasing.

Mental, behavioural and emotional problems in young people are on the rise.


Protective factors such as having a sense of purpose and direction, with secure role models and coach assist in strengthening the Young Person, decreasing risk factors that lead to mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, self harm and suicidal tendencies. 


Interventions, like Intent by Design, help reduce these risk factors, building the young person's resilience, enabling them to 'bounce back' when unexpected 'bad' things happen while enhancing social, emotional and cognitive development. 

Solutions for School Suspensions

Intent by Design Career Development & Pathways

Intent by Design  offers intentional Career Development, assisting with entering the workforce while creating purpose driven career pathways.


Intent by Design Career Coaching assists:

  • Deciding on subject or study choice

  • Motivation to enter the workforce

  • How to enter the workforce 

  • Resume writing

  • Job applications

  • Interviewing skills

  • Exploring the big Career Picture & what options to consider (this may entail visits to Universities and industry workplaces)

  • Success in achieving Drivers License

  • Making a plan before finishing High School to ensure unemployment isn't on the cards

Individual intensive sessions for young people who are facing exclusion from school. 

This provides not only solutions to working parents but an intense program designed to intentionally challenge behaviours, assisting the Young Person to make adjustments, while exploring their Big Picture to life; "What's important?  What goals do I need to set to work towards my desired future?" 


Depending on the age of the Young Person, visits to a variety of industries, Universities, TAFEs, etc can be an option to explore career options and pathways.  


This intensive program may also include an element of community service.


Timeframes and costs will be agreed upon in the initial consultation depending on requirements. 




Join the cause; Raise a voice; Make a stand! 

A further opportunity for the Young People & Women to be involved in local events to play their part in making our world a better place.



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the Benefits 


Intentional Interventions

Intent by Design  is intentional in that it: 

  • Develops awareness of self and others;

  • Assists in recognizing and managing emotions, while appreciating differences in others;

  • Shift perspectives creating positive attitudes, values & mindsets;

  • Empower personal responsibility with decision making and choices;

  • Develop social skills, challenging empathy towards the greater good for all mankind.

Volunteer Team


Youth-Led discussions & workshops facilitated using approaches such as the Appreciation Inquiry; initiating positive change, inspiring imagination & innovation, empowering Young People to tap into the rich potential of the undiscovered.

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